The Charter

Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association (HKEAA) recommended all schools to implement the “EACT Jockey Club Active School” Charter

EACT Jockey Club Active School Charter We hereby clarify the core mission and value of the “EACT Jockey Club Active School Programme”, we aim to establish a well-implemented environment for reference and work hard to “ensure our children are healthily developed and grown under happy and delighting environment”. This charter covers three major areas: aim, definition of “sports activities” and implementation


  • Ensure all students have equal rights and chance to participate sports activities
  • Ensure all students have equal rights and chance to be coached, trained and learn the basic sports knowledge and technique
  • Ensure all students and participants have equal rights and chance to participate sports activities under nice and safe environment, and assisted by appropriate sports organizations
  • Ensure all students who show their interest and talent have equal rights and chance to improve their sports activity level, so as to develop individual’s potentials and ensure their achieved levels are being recognized.
  • Ensure all students have equal rights and chance to learn the spirit of sportsmanship through participating sports activities, so as to develop their enthusiasm and positive moral standard with positive attitude.

Definition of “Sports Activities”


“Sports activities” means all fitness activities, regardless self-participation or through organizations; all aiming to improve personal health, fit-mind, cohesion learning and competitive skill enhancement.



Other than weekly physical education lessons, we hope to implement the following arrangements to create a positive environment to help our students develop a regular habit of sports participation:

  • Active Dance:  HKEAA seeks to provide a school wide activity to promote continuity through dance. Students may start to learn the active dance movements at the physical lessons at the beginning, school principals and teachers may join the active dance workshop. 


  • “EACT Jockey Club Active School” Programme and Policy: HKEAA will partner with supporting organizations to tailor-made different “EACT Jockey Club Active School” programmes and policy for participated active schools, and provide professional coaching for relevant programmes and policy implementation. (please refer to attached schedule of activities)


  • Mega sports activities in school: Set a simple rule to all students that they must participate at least one of the events and be a member of the cheering team at the “Athletic Meet” and “Swimming Gala”.


  • Variety of sports activities: Arrange different school sports team training or interest group after school hours; if needed, HKEAA can offer professional coaches to conduct relevant programmes.


  • Little Sportsman Plan: Set up awarding system to encourage students to participate in sports training, such as: arrange video broadcasting and exhibitions at the sports ground to introduce different sports; distribute worksheets to encourage students to find the answer from the exhibition boards; and set up “sports challenge station” which Physical Education teachers may lead the sports ambassadors to teach their students different sports skills.
  • Encourage students to exercise more during recess time: Subject to different school’s practical situation, set up different sports zones and provide sports equipment for students to exercise more during recess time, such as: Table Tennis Zone, Rope Skipping Zone, Basketball Zone and etc.
  • Enhance students’ fitness: Schools may organize students to join the “School fitness awarding system” and set up internal school award system to let students understand their own fitness level. HKEAA can partner with supporting organizations to assist schools for health promotion activities.
  • Visit to Major Sports Facilities: Interested schools may submit application to HKEAA to arrange visits to major sports facilities in Hong Kong, such as Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong Stadium and etc; so as to develop students’ interest in sports.
  • Visit to Major Sports Events: Interested schools may submit application to HKEAA to arrange visits to major national sports events held in Hong Kong, and different local sports competitions, so as to let students feel and learn the competition atmosphere.
  • “Sport Knowledge Mega Challenge”: HKEAA to provide “on-line sports knowledge” in order to enrich students’ knowledge in sports, which helps schools to develop their sports culture.