EACT Jockey Club Active School Little Reporters Programme

EACT Jockey Club Active School Little Reporters Programme

Since 2016, the “EACT Jockey Club Active School School Little Reporters Programme” has been cooperating with Sports Road to provide news theories and interview techniques of sports reporters for primary and secondary school students, and has been contacted 33 primary and secondary schools in 3 years, with more than 660 primary and secondary school students participating in the programme.

The programme is aimed at teaching students from three aspects of sports news writing, sports photography and sports shooting, as well as providing them with opportunities to interview active and retired Hong Kong athletes and Hong Kong sports reporters, so that they can learn the skills of communication with the outside world, the basic shooting techniques, and the perseverance and Hong Kong spirit from the Hong Kong athletes.

In addition, Sports Road have invited CANON to become a cooperative unit to provide and explain equipment as well as print out photos on site for students to submit reports at class 2.

Internship opportunities will be provided for students to conduct interviews in large events as sports reporters and experience how to cover sports events in person.

Little reporters programme


  • Class 1: Writing Skills andInterview Techniques ( interaction and classwork in the last 30 minutes) (approx. 105 minutes)
  • Class 2: Photography Theory and Techniques (interaction and shooting of elite athletes outside the classroom in the last 1 hour) (approx. 105 minutes)
  • Class 3: Photography and Shooting Skills (shooting and interviewing elite athletes in Hong Kong in the last 1 hour ) (approx. 120 minutes)


  • Kwok Tsz Lung (a veteran TV reporter, formerly worked for Cable TV, espn, TVB and Hong Kong TV.)
  • Faye Chui (local sports reporter, formerly worked for Hong Kong Daily News, Wen Wei Po and The Sun, co-founder of Sports Road)
  • Carrie Tsui (local sports reporter, formerly worked for the Sun, and worked as a photojournalist and editor of health magazine Megalife, co-founder of Sports Road) 
  • Kwok Si Wah (local sports reporter, formerly worked for Wen Wei Po, now senior editor of Sing Tao Daily)
  • Brian Ching (with nearly 20 years of experience in photojournalism, formerly worked for several Chinese and English media organisations in Hong Kong.)
2018-2019 & 2019-2020 Major Sports Events for Internship
1. 2019 All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Football Tournament-Finals
2. Hong Kong Squash Championships 2019
3. 2019 Hong Kong Urban Athletics Championships
4. Hong Kong Athletics Series 2020 – Pre-season Trials 1